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Key To Success
No matter the nature of your business or target market, we are here to make sure that you can reach your optimum goal and get your ROI!
We can develop a new solution for you!
We give you our expertise and open our doors to our traffic in exchange for a tailor-made partnership between us. Based on your budget and targets, we offer you a way to increase your ROI from 120% at the beginning to 300% & more.

At Marketing Cross Media, we will talk to you about Real-Time Bidding, URL & KW Targeting, pop-under, slide, display, landing page and mobile advertisement. We have chosen new verticals or niches to add to the most popular Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Is Google the only way for you to land in the top position?

Before you start buying traffic, have you already familiarized yourself with the terms CPM, CPC, CPI or CPD? have you really defined your e-CPX, needs and goals?

Running ads has been the trend lately and it definitely is a good idea, but how do you optimize your campaign? How will you define and measure your target?

Do you really need to be “Google AdWords Certified” for you to run it? Is it possible to reach your target without it?

We’re saying this not out of respect, but because we know what we are doing. Google will not show you how to make an effective campaign, achieve your ROI or earn money online.

We will help you understand and manipulate Google Ads in all perspectives.

Sourcing traffic via Lead Generation is the first step to monetization. The time to monetize has come – you need to get your lead and convert it into money!
Obtaining traffic for your site without generating any lead is not a smart move. It will end sooner than you expect and it will all be for nothing. We advise you to generate any site and create your own database.
So, how do you generate the right leads for your own market, industry or product?
What tools should you use to optimize?
How do you convert leads into cash money?
What should be your first step?
These are just some of the things you have to reflect on – and this is why WE want to help YOU!
For the last few years, we have accumulated millions of Data for the Asian Market (the Philippines, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and more) and our vast database will be great a step for you to venture into Email Marketing!
Staying one step ahead of your competitors, knowing your client needs before they do, addressing their expectations clearly so that they feel comfortable working with you; All this translates to: Your demand.
Allow us to help you create your presence through the help of effective Email Marketing. Find out how you can start creating your digital footprint now!


At Marketing Cross Media, we know what it means to be a Master Affiliate and an Operator in the domains of Casino, Poker, Bet, Bingo, ForEx & Binary and E-commerce sites.
Thankfully, we understand your problems and we are here to help you find new solutions for you to best optimize your traffic and in turn generate new income sources.Why choose us as your partner? It’s as easy as 1-2-3:
Our deep understanding of the different industries today will maximize your ROI.
Our trusted web agency contacts will get you the best possible price every single time.
Our expertise in the different verticals and countries will give you full access to the market you want to tap into.
We have generated new income for affiliates in Binary, Poker, Casino and Bingo over the past 8 years.
We continue to have excellent working relationships and hope to grow this even more.
We will get you the best deal and help you with your SEO & monetization.

Marketing Cross Media likes to stay one step ahead at all times!
We can offer you key media strategy solutions and show you how to achieve the success you strive for. We’ll do this through the clever use of the latest technological instruments for your very specific online domain.

Step 1:

We listen to you: We cannot help you without learning about your business and its complete Internet ’world’. No stone is left uncovered – no secrets here! After having efficiently scrutinized your company’s online situation, we will be able to fully understand your company’s needs and target markets. With this information in place, we will be ready to present to you our recommended and personalized media package and what you need to do for it to be put into action.

Step 2:

We leave you our gift: We will leave you with all the appropriate tools that make monitoring your progress clear and simple. You will be able to accurately measure what your new media tools are doing for you.

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